Patient Reviews

I was tired of feeling rushed, lied to, and unimportant at a doctor’s office that is supposed to make me feel the most comfortable considering what the specialty is in. After yelping “best gynecologists on long island” I tried Dr. Gomes and I have never made such a correct decision. He has made me understand every step that needed to be taken in my personal healing process and explains it until I feel comfortable with why and how. The staff is the most professional, friendly, and truly genuine people I have ever encountered and I always feel they are prompt with calls and results.  Sometimes they will call just to see how I’m feeling! This is the real deal ladies… You won’t regret your visit!

This practice makes me feel like I’m the only patient that matters. Whenever I call, they know who I am immediately — none of the “Who’s calling? Can you spell that? What’s your social/DOB…?, etc” I get at any of the other places I’ve been. If I need a prescription called in, they do it quickly — sometimes they even know before I ask. They remember little details about my last visit and my family.

They always have the latest equipment and techniques. Using new technology at this office, it was little more than a second of discomfort and I was back to living my life.

They’re also extremely professional. They call back with results exactly when they say they will. If I ask them to get back to me by the end of the day, they do — even if it means calling after office hours.

I would recommend this OBGYN emphatically to ANY WOMAN!!!”

Highly recommend! I usually go to female doctors but when I made the initial call the receptionist changed my mind and I’m so glad. The staff here is excellent. The doctor is excellent. Best service by far I have ever received.”

Oh, how happy I am that I can help review this place.

I won’t go into private details but for the past year I have been having MAJOR issues and I was doctor hopping.  I just could NOT find a gynecologist that I trusted.  And then someone recommended Dr. Gomes.  She actually had recommended him to me a year ago, before the doctor hopping but I was like “I”m not shlepping to Garden City every time I need to see him!”  Shame on me.  Turns out his office is right by the Lord & Taylor in Garden City.  If I can go to Garden City to shop, I can certainly to there to see a good doctor.

The other reviewer said “makes me feel like I’m the only patient…”  That is EXACTLY how I felt.  Not only did Dr. Gomes spend a very significant amount of time with me but he went over all my options (over and over again) until I understood them.  The staff there is excellent and did everything they said they were going to do (follow up and calling to see how I was feeling, etc…).  They smile and are sweet.  When you call the office, they aren’t grumpy at the other end of the line.

I’m so happy with this office.  I also neglected to mention that there is a lovely woman at the front desk that offers you candy and chocolate when you arrive and when you leave.  I almost dare you to walk in there in a bad mood and not leave in a good one when she smiles at you and offers you the candy of your choice.  A little thing with a huge impact.”